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Newly identified fungus killing Hawaii’s Ohia Lehua trees (+video)

Water is undoubtedly one of the primary requirements of the living animals and it seems that water in Hawaii is facing a serious threat owing to a fungus. According to the reports, a recently identified fungus has affected Ohia Lehua trees in Hawaii.

The trees are extremely critical to the water supply, all around Hawaii as well as the endangered native birds of the region. The Ohia Lehua trees also have a cultural significance for the local people of Hawaii. Experts believe that the fungus is the main reason behind the innumerable deaths of the Ohia Lehua trees over the past.

The report suggests that approximately millions of Ohia Lehua trees have been affected by the fungus and owing to that a lot of trees are already dead. The collected data in this regard suggest that approximately 50% of the Ohia Lehua trees of the forest have been affected by the virus, which in turn accounts for approximately about 6000 acres of land.

According to Robert Hauff, the current Health Coordinator of the forest at the Department of Land and Natural Resources, they are looking forward to carry out an aerial survey and try and locate the actual source point of the spread in order to prevent further spread of the fungus in January. They will also be taking help from the experts in this regard.

The Ohia Lehua trees are extremely important to Hawaii as the trees soak water and in turn help out in replenishing the water beds of the region. The endangered birds of the region feed on the nectar produced by the trees and the death of the trees will certainly affect the birds adversely. It is extremely important to administer the ecosystem of the region as an imbalance of anything can trigger a series of unwanted events.

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