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Next Nexus: Here is What One Should Know About Next Nexus Phone

Google’s next programme lies behind the idea of showcasing the purest form of Android in the next smartphone. No doubts, it has given rise to some competitive and greater devices in the past. 

Now, most of the manufacturers are often fighting to be the king of the market by releasing the flagship killer device. So there is always a toe-to-toe. But this time, Nexus says, the next device will be bringing some big changes which will imply, “This is Android”. We have heard several rumors about the Next Nexus, which we have brought to your attention.

Release Date: Both Nexus 5X and 6P was announced at the end of the September last year. So the same time frame this year could be expected for the Next Nexus with the latest version of Android. There is another complexity added to the Android N that it appears to be far ahead than previous versions of Android creating a notion that the software could be in a buggy state. Anyway, let’s wait for the Nexus handsets around “Autumn/Fall” as expressed by Google at the launch of Daydream VR Hardware.

Manufacturer: The current two Nexus phones are manufactured by LG(Nexus 5X) and Huawei (Nexus 6P) respectively. So the chances of any of those two companies being a manufacturer for the Next Nexus are narrow. We are believing by the claims of MyDriver that HTC has signed a contract with Google’s parent company Alphabet. It states for the next three years the manufacturer of the device should be HTC. Google’s Next Nexus is called as S1 and M1 now, temporarily. M1 refers to Marlin and S1 to Sailfish. But things are a little unclear deduced from the statement given by Huawei’s general manager in South Africa claiming to manufacture the Nexus this year. But for sure LG won’t be stepping in. By strength, we are in with HTC and shipping for the same to be for next three years.

Design: Sources states that out of two Next Nexus devices, Marlin will be larger and Sailfish the smaller sister to it in size. It could probably be a 5.5 inch and a 5 inch device with model name, T50 and T55. The display size is smaller than the current devices’ offering.  Since it is almost sure that HTC will be manufactured both the devices, we can expect a fingerprint sensor and speakers at the  bottom of the device which will be HTC 10-like.

Hardware: Daydream VR Hardware is going to be a big deal this year so we can expect Google to sport the high resolution displays with a much better quality of hardware and fast selling rates. Some of the motion sensors and fast screen should be enough to cope with a device that should support Daydream VR said the Google.

It has been rumored that Marlin will be a powerful device with the following specs:

However, Sailfish on the other side, will sport the following:

Software: All the Nexus devices are expected to arrive with the latest version of Android N (Nougat). Thanks to the public beta version of Android 7.0, we need only less digging for information about how the software experience in the Next Nexus will be. Android N will be sticking to the same materialistic design of Android Marshmallow but there are some UI tweaks and dynamic changes in notifications, power efficient and baked with Google’s Daydream VR into the device.

Conclusion: We should let things fall into the place, in time we will find whether or not the leaked specs goes hand in hand with the final version of the devices when it is launched. Overall, both the devices will be new to handle in terms of experiencing UI, hardware and also reflect the true killer flagship device nature.

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