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Nexus Marlin vs Nexus Sailfish: All You Need to Know Right Now

This year’s Google Nexus device name has been taken after the types of fishes, Marlin and Sailfish respectively, which it tends to launch in the latter half of this year around September/October. This doesn’t mean the rumors have stopped churning internet. 

Based on the latest leaks, we have narrowed down all the differences between Marlin and Sailfish that you need to know.

Display & Design: Despite the significantly less leaks regarding the design of Nexus Marlin and Nexus Sailfish, it is almost sure that HTC is going to be the manufacturer with a belief that the Nexus Marlin will be the next most powerful and bigger device with 5.5 inch 2K AMOLED display which is capable of delivering a 534 ppi and Nexus Sailfish with 1080P in 5 inch display which is capable of delivering only lower pixel density of 440 ppi. We can expect fingerprint sensors and a full metal body.

Camera: Selfie aficionado will surely be treated by the HTC Nexus Marlin’s 8MP selfie camera and 12MP rear camera which is same as Nexus 6P. The sensor and aperture details are currently a blur now. The Nexus Sailfish might also have the same features which were similar to 5X and 6P versions.

OS Platform: All the Nexus devices obviously will feature only the latest version of Android. So this year, we might expect Android Nougat (Android 7.0) to be sporting in both the next new Nexus devices.

Battery: The reports claim that the Google Nexus devices will be powered by 3450 mAh batteries in Nexus Marlin and a 2770 mAh battery in Nexus Sailfish. The sister device has a lesser battery which could have been at least a 3000 mAh.

Memory: The next Nexus Marlin is rumored to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip for powerful operation of the device and faster too with a slightly enhanced version of SD820. We can expect two variants of Marlin in 32GB and 128 GB with a 4GB RAM.

The next Nexus Sailfish on the other hand is to be come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, which now obviously makes Marlin the faster device. The RAM is to be claimed as 4GB, same as Marlin, but there would only be a 32 GB variant. There won’t be an external SD option as there has never been in any of the Nexus devices.

Conclusion: We will keep checking for the latest updates, but with the given what’s leaked on the ground, with thin details, we can conclude saying that the Nexus Marlin is the most powerful among the two devices. The biggest differences will lay on the price. If Google makes both the device affordable, and if the leaks are accurate as the rumors, we are all set for another flagship device to create a slash on other devices in the market.

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