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Nintendo NX console to be announced this August during Gamescom

Nintendo NX release date might as well be announced in the month of August during the upcoming Gamescom conference. The Gamescom conference is scheduled to take place in Cologne this year. While the rumors for the Nintendo NX console are increasing constantly every day, some individuals have already started raising questions about its release. The rumors about the release of Nintendo NX console first came into the frame early this year. With the increasing popularity of Pokemon GO, it is highly possible that Nintendo would look to ride the tide.

However, a few individuals are sceptical about the announcement of the gaming console at Gamescom this year. According to the reports, it is unlikely that the Japanese gaming giant will release its next flagship gaming console there. There is no doubt of the fact that Nintendo will be taking part in the event in Europe, but that is not enough to justify the release of the gaming console.

On the other hand, the booth that Nintendo will be taking up at Gamescom, is certainly not as big as they would want to have if they were planning to launch the Nintendo NX console. In addition, there will be most of its rival console makers there, which does not actually make sense for Nintendo to release the next console.

The speculation about Nintendo bailing out from announcing their next gaming console is also high. According to a statement by Nintendo Spokesperson Shigeru Miyamoto, the announcement of Nintendo NX was supposed to take place during E3 convention earlier this year. But that did not happen as the makers were afraid that it might give the rivals an upper hand in the competition.

The Nintendo NX release date rumors are constantly on the rise and it will be interesting to see when the makers announce it. With the success of Pokemon GO, the situation has become all the more interesting as Nintendo finds itself on solid grounds. The overnight success of Pokemon GO resulted in a huge spike in the prices of Nintendo shares.

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