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Nintendo Stock rising with Pokemon GO success

Nintendo Stock have seen their best pricing over the decade with the overnight success of Pokemon GO. Nintendo has not been amidst the big players over the past few years, but with Pokemon GO the tides might just change. Nintendo has had a glorious past for sure. The game makers were once the market leaders around about three decades ago. During the glorious period of the Nintendo, they were literally bringing about the revolution in the world of virtual gaming. Nintendo played the major role during the period and with almost single handed efforts brought about the revolution in the industry.

But in the last few days, Nintendo Stock have seen a dramatic rise in their prices. The credit for all of it goes to the overnight success of Pokemon GO. The augmented reality game has literally taken the world off to a spin. Although, the game has been released in very few countries, which were instantly gripped by the game, places where the leaked APK is used is also under the same effect.

The game making company which was literally dying owing to the increasing competition provided by Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, has possibly found its healing potion. Owing to the success of Pokemon GO, the prices of Nintendo Stock have grown over 50% over the past few days. The market value of Nintendo has risen up to $11 billion with the overnight success of Pokemon GO. According to a few market analysts, the success of Pokemon GO is just a section of the tide of success which could eventually take Nintendo to the ranks of the leader in the virtual gaming world.

Nintendo already has the tide of success and that is the possible reason why they are looking forward to announce the Nintendo NX during the Gamescom next month. Although there is still much doubt over the launch, but it is would not a surprise if they look forward to take the advantage. This might as well add to the increasing Nintendo Stock prices.

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