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Norovirus Outbreak in 2016: Beware of this Winter Vomitting Disease

Norovirus has hit California quite hard this winter and fall. According to the California Department of Health, around 32 outbreaks that involve this virus have been seen. This is termed as ‘winter vomiting disease,’ the reason for this are symptoms like abdominal cramps, diarrhea and vomiting being caused due to infection.

The development of these symptoms might be seen between twelve to forty eight hours after exposure to the virus and may last up to 3 days.

Dr. Gil Chaves stated that they are aware that the virus is very common during the months of Winter and sometimes virus is more aggressive as compared to other years. Officials reported that owing to these outbreaks, several sicknesses were reported in the state. Experts found out that the bug had a typical association with cruise ships and is spreading very fast on land.

The virus is very contagious. People would easily catch it if they eat infected food, come in contact with contaminated surfaces and share saliva with a person who is already infected. For lowering the risk, it is recommended that people should thoroughly wash their hands with soap. Norovirus virus cannot be killed only with Alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

After you wash hands for 20 seconds under running water, it is advised by experts that paper towels must be used by people for closing faucets or opening doors.

Since the infection spreads easily and is viral, you cannot treat it with antibiotics. As opposed to the belief of some people, people don’t receive protection from norovirus with flu vaccine. Currently, no vaccine is available for norovirus.

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