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SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 is WATER PROOF build- August 5th launch

Social media just posted a 15 sec ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung Taiwan. During the entire duration of the commercial ad, you could see the visibility of bubbles which are floating upwards with the sound of gurgle which you will be able to hear at the background. And yes, this will be the first phone to feature in the IP rating.

This is the second ad in the three working days for the palette that we have passed on. If you mark out the previous ad which is about 30 seconds, you will come to know that it is also giving the hint of the waterproof Note 7.

Everyone is awaiting for the phone to come with IP68 verification. This implies that it will be easily able to withstand water for 30 minutes. It can also submerge into the water up to 5feet. With all this it is expected to show up without any mistake. The previous ad was made for the development of Korean Market.

Granting to the rumours this phone is going to be the actual beast with 6GB of RAM, Qualcomm’ Snapdragon 820 processor, a brand new camera with the new software. This whole makes it a S-Pen stylus. Note 7 will feature 5.8 in QHD Super AMOLED EDGE display. Here, Samsung will be reaching the ground with the Galaxy Note 7, as it is the last line of defence of the company against Apple’s iPhone 7.

Taiwan market’s commercial also states that the Note 7 is proceeding to release on the August 5th.The unit will be unveiled on August 2nd at the event of Samsung in New York. You need to tally out the video of this ad which is just of 15seconds. So, stop wasting your time and have a look at this video. And start saving your bugs to buy this one for sure.

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