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Now connect and pair two or more Apple Watch to single iPhone

Have you ever tried to connect 2 or more Apple Watch to one iPhone? If you have tried and failed so far, here’s a good news – Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has now enabled multiple Apple Watch pairing with a single iPhone.

In order to connect and pair many Watches to a single iPhone, you should update the Watch’s software to watchOS 2.2 beta, and your iPhone should run on iOS 9.3 beta. As of now, watchOS 2.2 beta is only available for developers, it will be rolled out to regular users very soon, similarly iOS 9.3 beta.

Note that all your Apple Watch should be running with the latest software in order to pair with a single iPhone. This will also work on latest iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone 5s as well. This feature will be useful for those who have multiple Watches, like a daily wear Watch and a Sports edition.

Apart from the multiple-pair feature, watchOS 2.2 also brings some new features like new Nearby menu that will be displayed in the Glances section of the Apple Maps app in the smartwatch. Health, Travel, Drinks, Food and Shopping will be included in the Nearby menu. Apple has enabled options for Fitness apps to give detailed workout summaries on Apple Watch.

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