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Now Google Docs, Slides and Sheets App Support iPad Multitasking Feature

Google took some time to offer multitasking support for their widely utilized apps like Google Docs, Slides and Sheets on another famous platform iOS. You may remember that Apple paid special attention to include different multitasking features last year when they introduced iOS9. Now you can easily use Slide Over as well as Split View feature on iPad and it is appearing highly functional for the users. Googlealso brought the related updates soon and now you can easily utilize these functions on the device. However experts were clueless why Google was not offering multitasking support for their famous Drive Productivity apps for this platform. Now after a long wait it has become the thing of past. You can now run these apps side by side on iPads and it is making multitasking valuable here.

This time Google brought a number of other useful things also apart from this important support. Functions like page breaks and inserting images are going to make Docs Apps highly beneficial. There are regular bug fixes as well as other important improvements in this segment. It will surely make the apps better than before. Google is regularly offering many new functions for iOS users. It is ultimately benefitting them a lot because a lot of users prefer Google apps for their work. Overall these changes are practical which will be helpful for everyone. You can now run different apps side-by-side here. Therefore it will assist you to enhance your security.

Currently there are nine add-ons who are now the part of Docs and Sheets. The search engine giant is working constantly to make their Android apps more advantageous. Some more add-ons will be the part of this series soon. So it is understandable how beneficial it will become in future. You may have noticed that Google has recently included some innovative features in its Docs, Slides and Sheets apps. The table and charts can be handled in a new way now as copying the contents to other sections are very easy. You can now format the table more conveniently after the update. Furthermore drawing some new sheets will make the task trouble-free. You will not face any issue from adding the contents from various other sections.  There are still some sections where Google is currently working to make the platform more useful. They will definitely bring more handy functions for iOS users in future.

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