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Oregon, California allows birth control pills to be sold over-the-counter

Oregon, California has become the second state in the US to allow the sale of birth control pills over-the-counter. Women can purchase the pills after filling a questionnaire, and their overall health would be evaluated by trained pharmacists.

Pharmacists will have to undergo a mandatory session for prescribing the birth control pills. The pills can be sold to women if they qualify, based on the questionnaire. A new birth control law is set to come into effect on Friday in Oregon. Californians will also be able to purchase birth control pills after consulting a pharmacist in the case of women below the age of 18.

However, medical experts are advising women to consult doctors before buying pills as easy access to these pills doesn’t mean preventive healthcare is less important. Based on the questionnaire, a pharmacist will decide to prescribe the pills or not to women below the age of 18. Pharmacist can refuse to write prescriptions for religious reasons, but are required to refer the customer to someplace else.

Some people are concerned the new law will discourage young women from regular checkups. Experts recommend regular visits to OB-GYN. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cervical cancer can be easily prevented by consistent doctor visits. Dr. Alison Edelman of Oregon Health & Science University told KOIN said further preventive care and making birth control accessible through pharmacist are two different things and should be addressed separately.

New laws in Oregon going into effect include a law to automate voter registration, a law allowing paid sick leave days for employees, and a law for changing the language on marriage certificates to more inclusive of same couples. Over 300 bills passed by lawmakers in 2015, will come into effect on January 1, 2016.

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