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OS X: How to remove bullet points in the Mail App

Have you written long emails with bullets and numbered list? Later, you have decided to remove them. But, the real problem was you did not know how to un-bullet the points and return it to a regular sentence. 

It is amazing how the developers think of all those fancy Wi-Fi calling and being innovative all the time, but they miss out on some small and important options.  Did you really think they missed it? Absolutely not. There is an option with which you can remove the bulleted items. Read ahead and you will know.

If you have noticed, all softwares other than MAC OS X lets you select whether you want to format or not. So, you need to go to Menu and check if you want to format and un-check if you do not want to format. Apple has this hidden option.

Select the bulleted or numbered list from the mail or document
Choose format
Decrease the indent
And the bullet disappears
What if you use bullets too often?

‘Command -]’ would increase the indent and ‘Command-[‘would decrease the indent.

Are all indents similar?

Bullets are also considered as indents, but they are not quite similar to text indents. In case you are looking forward to format text indent, you need to Go to Format> indent>Increase or decrease. This is similar to bullet removing command. However, what would ideally happen here is that, the command will shift the content to the left (inside the margin).

So, the next time you’re writing a long mail or you are writing a long document, you need not worry, about formatting. Just follow simple steps and sail smooth.

Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates on OS X tricks and tips.

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