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Overdose of Synthetic Marijuana leads to 21 people admitted to the Hospital

21 people were admitted to the hospital after allegedly consuming spice, a synthetic Marijuana. This is not the first time when people have been taken ill on consumption of synthetic Marijuana. The statement was released by the police on Saturday stating the incident and its cause.

The St. Petersburg police is said to have received multiple calls on Thursday night from various individuals from around the intersection of the Fourth Avenue N and the 15th Street. The police continued getting calls up until Friday’s afternoon regarding the same cause.

St. Petersburg Police’s spokeswoman Yolanda Fernandez stated that all the phone calls were of people who felt sick. The people suffered from various situations ranging from seizures and heavy vomiting. Some people also lost consciousness. She claimed that this might just be the result of an overdose of Spice, a synthetic marijuana. Fernandez also added that there are no reported deaths in this regard.

The investigators are currently awaiting the results from the labs to confirm the hand of spice in the event. This is not the first time that such incidents have happened in the Tampa Bay Area. Similar incidents have been reported in parts of Pinellas and Hillsborough. The investigators are looking forward to find a link between the incidents and find out whether a new batch of Spice is entering the streets of Tampa Bay.

Fernandez also quoted, “The spice is unconfirmed because it must be verified in a lab, however, it is suspected. Because we have so many people in one location who admitted to using spice, we feel confident that is what this is.”
It has been a really difficult journey for the police trying to fight the entry of Spice after President Barrack Obama banned a lot of synthetic drugs in the year 2012. Currently Florida has the highest number of synthetic marijuana related cases.

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