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Peugeot 6008 Review – Price, Specs and Expected Release Date

Peugeot has not been doing well in the global market in the past years by their own admission. The carmaker has not been coming up with cars that can appeal to the European market or the global automobile maker as a whole. In fact most of the cars that the French giant has been coming up with have not been to the satisfaction of their lovers which has made most of their fans to look for alternative car brands. With that said, the car maker have been trying to get their brand name back to where it belongs at the very top and for that matter they have come up with the new Peugeot 6008. The car’s design is going to be as good as any other crossover car model already in the market.

Exterior and Interior Design

The car is built on the EMP2 platform making the Peugeot 6008 have a modern look. The crossover will get a longer wheelbase than the previous models. The car’s body is made of aluminum making the weight of the car slightly less. With the weight being less the car will consume less fuel and enhance the car’s performance. Although the car is light, don’t be fooled, the car will not be weak as most critics would like for people to believe. The car will be ragged and solid making it easy for the driver to handle. The headlights on the car will be harp. The grille of the car will be large and designed to make the front of the car look aggressive. The car is expected to turn heads anywhere it lands, that you can be sure of.

The interior of the car will have enough space to accommodate seven seats. The seats in the car will be arranged in three rows and the seats have been made of leather to maintain the high upholstery of the seats. The passengers in the car will be comfortably seated in the car as the space between the seats and the roof are big enough.


The car has 1.6-liter engine that can give 165 horsepower of force. The other engine options under the hood of the Peugeot 6008 will be a 2.0-liter Blue HDi diesel unit that can deliver 150 horsepower and there will be other options that can deliver 205 horsepower and 207 horsepower. The car will be paired to a manual or automatic six-speed transmission system.

There is talk of a hybrid engine being on the horizon. The diesel part of the engine can deliver 270horsepower backed by an electric motor than can give 70 horsepower.
Release Date and Price

The car is expected to be in most dealerships in end of 2015 or early 2016 and the Chinese will be the first market that the car goes on sale. The car is supposed to go on sale at $31,000 for the base model, although expect the car to cost more in other markets due to importation prices.


The new Peugeot 6008 will be a global leader in the global SUV market. The car is certainly going to put Peugeot back on the market as a leader. The exceptional design of the car is going to appeal to most lovers of the car brand and will give them something to smile about after some major disappointments of late by the manufacturer. The car will be competing with crossovers cars from giant car makers like Audi and BMW.

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