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Sanofi gets Philippines marketing approval to dengue vaccines

Dengue or break bone fever is an infectious disease caused by the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti). Apart from abolishing mosquitos, scientists involved in numerous experiments for the development of dengue vaccine. The disease has become a major problem in 110 countries. In a WHO survey shows more than 22,000 deaths due to dengue disease every year.

According to the latest reports, the first Anti-dengue vaccines was approved and supplied under Food and Drug administration. To purchase anti-dengue vaccines, the Department of Health (Manila, Philippines) decided to borrow the savings of Sin Tax Incremental Revenues.

In a TV interview, Janette Garin said, they are in a rush to avail Dengvaxia drugs (vaccines) from the suppliers. The vaccines were developed by Sanofi Pasteur, which is a French pharmaceutical firm- he added in his words.

She also pointed out, the vaccines will reach the market as early as possible in 2 different types of doses.

Dengue can be infected for a person, who are aged in between 9-45 years old. There are 4 different types of dengue diseases. The Philippines is a second country to avail Dengvaxia vaccines. On the other end, Mexico is looking forward for the approval.

Garin continues,

“It is a ‘pride’ of the Philippines to approve the vaccine, especially since the country played a crucial role in its clinical development”, She also plans to expand the dengue vaccine program to worldwide.
Millions of vaccines are already set for shipping, the French pharmaceutical firm expecting a huge rise in production.

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