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PlayStation 4 software update has hidden features plus a lot of bugs

Sony recently released an update to PlayStation 4. The update includes the much desired remote play for PC and Mac computers along with quite a few hidden features that would make you love your PS4. But the sad part is that there are quite a few issues as well. The update was aimed at making the user experience better, but reports suggests that some consoles have faced some issues after updating to the version 3.50 on PS4.

The issues came into light when many PlayStation 4 users ranked up their voices on many forums stating the issues that they were facing. For some users, the microphone was not working properly. The majority of the users who use third party headsets suffered from it after updating the software to version 3.50. There is not exact solution to this problem as of now, the users can try unplugging the headsets partially and then plug it as it might work then. It happened for some users.

One of the major issues was the error message for HULU. After updating the software for PlayStation 4, many users reported error messages for HULU. The fix to this is simple. For HULU to work properly, you will initially have to delete the data, not the application itself. Once done, go to settings, application saved data section, saved in system storage, select HULU and delete the data. Once done, HULU should work fine although the data might be lost.

The users have also reported issues like the PlayStation 4 entering the rest mode randomly, making beep sounds and even heating up a lot. For some users the PS4 did not reboot at all after downloading and installing the update. No fixes have been found as of now, but as it happens generally they might well be solved once Sony releases a fix for them.

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