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PlayStation 4 version 3.50 has some cool hidden features

Sony released a software update to PlayStation 4 earlier this week. The version 3.50 has brought quite a few cool features to it. It includes features like Remote play for Macs and PCs. From what we know now, there were also quite a few hidden features that Sony probably forgot to mention in the release. Now the question is how many unknown bugs do we have in the update. But let us keep them aside for now.

No so long after the release of the updated software for PlayStation 4, the users all over the world started noticing a few things that was not mentioned in the release for the updated software. Gamers from all over the worked started talking about these unknown features and listed them down on reddit.

One of the features that will really help out the gamers is the extension in the size of the internal memory expansion. You will not be required to install the large games in patches. You can do it at once with the expansion of memory. PlayStation 4 now supports internal memory drives up to 4TB. Although, Sony does not favor replacing n tampering with the hard drives, but now you can do it if you want to.

One feature that I am personally excited about is the USB music player. The feature was initially a part of PS4, but was removed in September last year. The only problem is that you cannot play music while you are playing a game, which is possibly something with which most of the gamers would adjust to.

There are quite a few other tweaks that have been added to the version 3.50 of PS4. You can now search from a game list using a search bar, pin up to 3 games in the top list as well as turn of screenshot notification. The biggest of the lot was the remote play support on PlayStation 4 for PCs and Mac computers.

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