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Pokémon GO: 4 Reasons to Play and 3 Reasons Not to

Ever since the announcement made last year, every Nintendo and Niantic’s user have been excitedly waiting for Pokémon GO to release. The franchise is first taking a step on mobile gaming. Yes, Pokémon GO is a mobile game who doesn’t own Nintendo 3Ds. This is a game where you get to capture creatures around your world as you explore it. 

This game is so unique among the franchise because it focuses on augmented reality. Because of that gaming mechanism, you will be able to spot a creature in your living room, your backyard, or somewhere around your neighborhood. It has a real world map which enables you to keep moving without staying idle in one place.

It has been two days since the launch, and after spending some fair amount of time on playing Pokémon GO, I caught a few creatures, trained them and also used some incubators and what not. Definitely this game seems like everyone should give it a try. But we have a list of reasons why one shouldn’t too. Read on to know our collective observational reasons.

Reasons why you should play
Fun in capturing Pokemons: To help Professor Willow in achieving his scientific endeavors, you have to keep filling out your Pokedex by capturing creatures as you explore your world. In this case, Pokémon GO is solid because one or the other creature keeps mapping on your surface for you to capture it to defend your Gyms. Mark an accurate fling at the creature by your Pokeball to capture it instead of just throwing it.

Different Battles: The tiring turned based stuff isn’t there anymore in Pokémon GO. This is different than in the other games. After you have reached level 5, you have to head to your local Gym, pick another creature with which you make a combat attack with CP level being in the most effective rate. There is also a swipe system to dodge the attacks incoming with a creature being stationary.

The community: Even though its been only a few days since the release, the community of Pokémon GO is impressive. On the Silph Road, where a band of Trainers has documented the Pokémon GO experience, you can have a real time chat with them using the organizational app.

Gyms are fun: Rather Gyms give a unique take on this game. As you advance in levels as a trainer with your own Gym, and going to other Gyms where the Trainers have left behind the pokemons, defeat them by your creatures and take over that Gym.

Reasons why you shouldn’t play
It uses the data: Obviously online games consume so much data, and Pokémon GO is no different. Whenever possible, use WiFi but keep an eye on your mobile data if you are using it to play the game. If you like the game so much you cannot survive with a limited data plan. We aren’t telling you not to play, but we suggest you to think twice if the game is worth playing on your mobile data.

Broken  Login System: Pokémon GO actually forces you to sign up with a new account for a Pokémon Trainer’s Club or use your Google account. If you are an iPhone user, you are left with no other option but to create a new  Trainer’s Club account. If you force close the game, when you go back to play you will be taken to the login screen again, which is really annoying to log in every time you want to play.

Ceaseless server issues: The servers are very less since the game is available only in three countries now and many are facing engineering failures and other incessant issues which is hard to figure out. If more countries start getting the game, then they should strengthen the servers or address the issues.

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