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Pokémon GO: Best Beginner Tips You Should Know Right Now

The infamous Pokémon that you were hooked to in your childhood, now advents the smartphones and tablets by bringing in the Nintendo and the Pokémon franchise in one place. 

This Pokémon GO is very different from the other games because this is developed by the Nintendo developers with augmented reality mechanics. This remains to be one of the Nintendo’s gateways to the mobile offerings.

For those who have just stepped a foot on the Nintendo’s new Pokémon GO game, we have a few beginners tips to ease your gaming.

Find a Pokémon to capture: The goal of the Pokémon GO is simple. You just have to help Professor Willow, who is an expert on the creatures, requires your help in completing Pokedex. So your primary job is to collect as many pocket monsters for filling up your Pokedex. So in order to capture them, you have to find them. You will be able to find them, using a scanner on the bottom right side on the screen where you have to tap. The radar from the scanner won’t locate the Pokemon in exact location, but you will have to find on your own. As soon as you find them, tap on those and they will surface on the map. It forms the silhouette, for which you will have to be familiar with the creatures already in order to find them easily.

Look for Gyms and Trainers: Finding Gyms is even easier than finding pokemons. Wherever there is a Pokémon logo floating over a platform that is raised over, there, that’s your Gym. You can leave your Pokémon behind here its color matches with your team; you can train the Pokémon to fight against the trainers who are trying to dethrone your team.

How to throw a Poke ball: Like in other games, you cannot just throw the Poke ball to check if you can make a catch. If the creature is weak, it will succumb to the ball. But the mechanic is so different in Pokémon GO. You have to make an accurate fling at the creature by targeting the green circle that appears around the creature. If you are sure of the moment that you will catch the creature, then throw the poke ball carefully. Remind yourself that each poke ball is a prized commodity in the Pokémon GO game.

Finding PokeStops: PokeStops are like local landmarks, which surfaces over the maps by itself without radar; it is where you collect items like wall art and various points of interests. When you are near any one of them, the marker changes the color and allows you to collect all the treasures it offers. You can stop multiple times and normally when a PokeStop turns blue you can keep collecting items until there is nothing to collect.

Don’t walk around to catch a Pokémon: If you share your information through WiFi and GPS, the Pokémon GO automatically tracks whether or not there is a Pokémon around you near somewhere. With little efforts, this makes you catch Pokémons easily. Many users have reported saying they have caught the pokemons by sitting inside and capturing those in the backyard of the house.

Don’t use the hacks: You are prone to be banned from playing for a lifetime if Nintendo and Niantic catch you using hacks and cheating. This concerns privacy for them, so before you make up your mind to use any of the websites that offers you hacks in exchange for your identity, kindly refuse to take that step. Don’t risk your personal information for Pokémon GO cheat hacks.

Use Incubators: In the game’s shop, buy some incubators for your eggs to hatch faster. This is an in-game old item that will make your life easier. Never be afraid to spend some money on such items from the game’s shop.

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