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Pokémon Go: Top 10 Pokémon Go Problems and Fixes

The Ninatics labs and Nintendo have brought its beautiful franchise to the mobile devices by introducing a game in the name of Pokémon Go via iTunes and Google Play store. 

Although the game has been released only in a few regions, there are some worldwide issues and problems that users face. We all know how much you love the game.

That’s why we have narrowed down all the top problems with the fixes too to walk you through.

Not able to install the Pokémon Go: For iOS users the device software must be iOS 8 and above to install the game on your phone. For Android users, you must have a 2GB RAM with Android 4.4 or later. Failed to meet these requirements will result in failure of installation or incompatibility. Installing in the tablets may not work too.
No Pokémon near you: You have successfully installed the game. The Pokestops, Gyms and creatures are visible in your map. But for the users who play in the region where the app hasn’t been launched yet face an issue known that the few types of Pokémon which are so common are very hard or not able to spot at all. Ninatics says you have to wait till the app launches in your region officially to fix this issue.
No accurate location information: The location couldn’t be identified because of the poor network connection too. So make sure your data connection is always enabled while playing.
App won’t open: The game has been launched only in three countries but is played world wide through the wildfire unofficial installation files of the game over the internet. This resulted in users playing the game where it hasn’t even launched yet. This ended up overloading the servers that is set up only in three regions of the world. This overload results in a number of people failing to log in to play the game. Ninatics Lab is planning on creating much less traffic to make it easy for the players who play outside the planned region too.
Battery issues: Users from USA, Australia and New Zealand have reported that their device battery runs out quickly than it does normally. Though it is normal for any game, these bugs make it even worse. Also, it uses the network connection and GPS at the same time, resulting in a quick draining. The fix for this could be, carry an additional battery or a battery power bank to retain as much as battery for you to play.
Deleting the Pokémon Go account: Since the Ninatics has been invading much of the personal information of the users, they prefer to delete the Pokémon Go account. There are several ways to which you will find on the internet.
Trainer in level 1: if you have two accounts, a trainer account and a Google account, your progress can become confusing to keep track for you. So prefer only one account to sustain your progress.
Missing items: Sometimes the items that you bought from the Shop using the Gold seems to vanish. Ninatics recommend a device restart or logging out of the account and logging back in will bring back all the missing items.
Freezing when catching a Pokémon: Apple iPhones users as well as Android users have brought so many complaints that the app is freezing when they try to capture a complete Pokémon. There are two fixes to it. You can turn off the cellular data connectivity to off from on. Second, if you tap the icon on the bottom left corner after force closing the app, check if the creature has been added to the inventory.
No AR: Even if your device is powerful enough to make the game run, there are two essential hardware stuff needed. Compass and a GPS sensor with a good internet connection. Without the compass and GPS sensor you won’t be able to look around the room for capturing more creatures.
There are so many reported server issues that had left many users outraged. This happens whenever a large number of users try to log in to play the game at the same time. First get to know if others at also facing this issue by going to Pokémon Go Server Status website. Unfortunately, Nintendo only should fix this issue. It’s not in our hands.

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