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Pope Francis says contraceptives should be used to prevent Zika Virus, not Abortion

Pope Francis made a statement softening the Church’s ban on the Contraceptives, in order to put a barrier for the spread of the Zika Virus. The Zika Virus has already let to the state of emergency in various South American Countries.

While Pop Francis made a slight soft indication to the use of contraceptives, he clearly mentioned he by no means is supporting abortion. Abortion, is not just evil, it is crime, where in you are the murderer of an infant. For the same, people should use contraceptives such that no such situation arrives, where in the woman thinks that she is giving birth to baby with microcephaly.

In a news conference, the Pope was asked that whether the use of contraceptives would fall in the category of the less evil act. The question was made with regards to the comments made by a few individuals. The individuals asked the pregnant women with Zika Virus, to have abortion, so as to prevent the birth of a child with microcephaly.

Pope Francis said, “Abortion is not a lesser evil. It is a crime. It is killing one person to save another. It is what the mafia does. It is a Crime. It is an absolute evil.”
While softening his stand for the use of contraceptives, Pope Francis also pointed to Pope Paul VI. Pope Paul VI in the 1960’s allowed the Belgian Congo nuns to use contraception to prevent chances of pregnancy as they were being reaped quite a few times during that period.

The statements of Pope Francis are slightly in conflict with the beliefs of the Church. The church believes that abortion is crime as it kills a life, while the use of contraceptive is wrong as it blocks the path of life. It seems that current health crisis has forced the Church to mend its ways slightly.

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