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Precautionary measures to be taken while travelling to Zika-affected countries

Zika virus is primarily caused by the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. The symptoms could last a few days to about a week, and there are several necessary measures to be taken to prevent the spread of Zika virus especially when you’re travelling to Zika affected countries. 

This mosquito-borne disease has caused several deformities in the babies born due to the infection in the pregnant women. The babies born could have smaller brains than normal due to the infection spread to the foetus. Health experts have asked people to take extra precautions when travelling, so that the spread of this disease could be effectively curtailed.

Here are some for the precautions that you need to necessarily take when you’re travelling:

In order to prevent such mosquito bites, wear long-sleeved shirts and full pants.
Do not forget to use insect repellent wherever you go that is approved by the environmental Protection Agency and also use mosquito repellent cream on the body if necessary.
Use screens/ blinds on the windows and never keep windows/doors open for a longer duration. Also sleep under mosquito nets for an extra precaution. Take extra care of the elderly and little children because they might not be able to do it themselves.
Avoid any mosquito-breeding places especially mud pots left unattended or some other such breeding areas. Keep your home and surroundings clean as a precautionary measure.
There are several natural repellents that you could use to be on the safer side. Stuff a lime with cloves and keep them near you while you’re sitting outdoors, to avoid the mosquitoes from coming near you.
No matter what, always work indoors and try to avoid spending a lot of time outdoors, and use mosquito repelling creams on your body so that you’re protected wherever you go.

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