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Prisma App for Android is Official Now: Things You Should Know

Internet is full of fads. The two apps, Pokemon and Prisma for iOS was released two weeks back and now is rocking on top of internet fads. Everyone seems to play Pokemon GO even in the regions, where it is not officially released going to random places to catch Pokemons while the Prisma app users were converting pictures into an art form. 

Until yesterday, the Prisma app was only available for iOS. Good news for Android users, now it is officially released for Android users in Google Play Store. Here are some things that you should know about the Prisma app.

Previously, there was a beta version available for Android, but it was taken down after a day and the users were told to wait for the public release. There were some bugs encountered when the beta version was released, probably because of the overloaded excited users, using it online at the same time.

For each picture you get to apply different artwork. I don’t get this though, if you like an artwork, you cannot apply the same for different pictures of you. So, drop that expectation. You want to try out each artwork for the same picture. You can go to settings and can set the “save automatically”option. This will save all your artworks whenever you apply on the picture for future use.

The watermark can be removed: Unlike Dubsmash, where you couldn’t remove the watermark from the video, Prisma allows you to remove the watermark from the settings, although it is placed in the picture by default. You can toggle that option to remove the watermark and save picture watermark free.

Since the application has been released only a few weeks before, you cannot expect the servers to be steady yet. Failure to apply art works to your picture can put excessive load. Until there is a stability, you have to get used to the downtime. Do not come to any conclusions if you have used the buggy beta version. Download Android Stable version of Prisma of Google Play Store, and experience bug free version.

However, all kinds of artworks are applied on the web, you need a constant internet connection if you want to use this app. Each artwork might take a few seconds to be applied on your picture because it loads from the web. So, make sure you have a mandatory internet connection when you use this app.

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