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New psychedelic images of Pluto reveal new information about the dwarf planet

Although Pluto is no more a part of the Solar System, but the dwarf Planet still has a lot to offer to us that what we expect. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently released a new set of images that portrays Pluto in colors that are exceptionally amazing.

As it happens, when you scroll down the images, you are bound to feel that the each and every single image is better than the previous one. The images, although, portray a psychedelic, they certainly reveal quite a few things about the planet as well.

The recent psychedelic images of the dwarf planet, Pluto, come through a dubbed technique termed as ‘Principal Component Analysis’. The images, although portraying psychedelic looks, they give a great knowledge about the components making up the atmosphere and the surface of the dwarf planet.

The new images have been portrayed at the Division of Planetary Sciences meeting of the American Astronomical Society at National Harbor in Maryland. The images give us a much better idea about the physical surface of the planet, the canyons, the valleys, etc. The images also give us a clear idea about the ice that finds its place along the surface of the planet.

The images were taken with the help of the Ralph/MVIC color camera during the journey of New Horizons of 14th July at about a distance of 22,000 miles. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is currently moving deeper into the Kuiper belt and provide more information about the universe that lies beyond.

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