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Puma BeatBot runs like Usain Bolt; can teach you running also

Puma BeatBot is something that can be stated as fast Bolt. The new robot created by Puma can be used to train sprinters to run fast. BeatBot itself can run as fast as the sprinter Usain Bolt by following small lines on the track using infrared sensors. Puma believes that the automated device can be effectively used for training sprinters.

The Puma BeatBot comes with an accelerometer coupled with an Arduino microcontroller. In addition, it has a front facing camera and sensors attached to the wheels to record distance and speed. What is interesting is the fact that Puma BeatBot can make approximately 100 adjustments based on the speed at which it is travelling and the distance it has covered. The robot at present can hit a speed of up to 44.66 kilometers per hour.

Puma BeatBot also has the feature to be programmed according to the needs using an application. Many robotics experts were a part of the Puma BeatBot program. Puma has taken good care of its looks as it is an important part of the branding. For the purpose, the shoemakers consulted the J. Walter Thompson advertisement agency of New York.

Puma BeatBot looks like the shoe box of Puma shoes and is also fitted with GoPro camera and LED lights. According to J. Walter Thompson’s Executive Creative Director Florent Imbert, “We found a lot of anecdotal evidence that head to head competition raised performance levels, even a few studies that showed an uptick performance. But, to us, it felt like a human truth. Running against an invisible clock will never be as motivating as running against someone—or something.” He also added, “While the cost of the current model makes it prohibitive for the average consumers to train with, the plan is always to develop new models, products and ideas to inspire every athlete.” As it seems, the Puma BeatBot will be outside the reach of the middle class athletes.

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