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Google’s quantum computer is hundred million times faster than our personal computer

When it comes to google’s latest research, then you shouldn’t miss Quantum computers. The company is working on something really big that blows out our current computer speed. They discovered a Quantum algorithm, which can drive answer million times faster than the present super speed computer. According to Engadget, this algorithm is faster than a conventional process.

The invention of high speed computing company can result a big change in technology. Moreover, this also brings an improvement mainly on space missions. In the latest reports, Google continues their innovation journey to the far end. It could be a new face to the technology, which brings a needful feature on AI research in the future. The invention of the Quantum computing encourages NASA’s space project to a height. The company reports, the outbreak is intriguing and very encouraging.

According to the NASA Ames Research Center, “quantum computer is a disruptive technology. This quantum computer can change everything.”

 They successfully brought a new network in speed that crafts 100 million times faster to solve problems. If you look back in history, D-wave was the first company to introduce quantum computer. Their journey started as a quantum computing was limited in calculations. Hence, D-wave couldn’t able to bring extraordinary results in the quantum kingdom. D-wave computer were 108 times faster as our personal computer. At present, Google breaks down record with the latest invention that can speed up one hundred million times faster.

We look forward more update on the Google research team. Stay connected and share your view on Quantum computing.

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