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Google Keyboard Update Brings Colorful Themes To Everyone

Via a new update that Google rolled out yesterday, a new theme option got added to the google keyboard settings that enables you to set colorful themes and even a picture of your choice as your Google keyboard’s background.

Until now, this feature was only available to users of the Android N Developer preview. Others who wished to use this had to sideload the APK file. All these changed as this update finally hit the PlayStore globally.

Earlier only two themes were available “The Material Dark” and “The Material Light”. The update that is now in stable v5.1 brought in 13 more colorful themes on blue, red, green, brown, pink, and violet color palettes. It also brought in an option “My Image” that lets users choose an image of their choice as the background of your keyboard. It also gives you a slider to set the brightness level of the background image.

In case you have updated and is wondering how to get into the settings menu, the menu is pretty well hidden that even old users don’t know how to get there.  The shortest way is to long press the comma ( , ) button and move your finger to the gear icon. One could also get there by going to “Language & Input” in your phone’s settings and choosing Google Keyboard.

The Update, however, is yet to reach the Google Keyboard iOS version.

The rest of the changelog of yesterday’s update, in case anyone is interested in.

Gesture typing & suggestions: Albanian, Arabic, Basque, Bosnian, English (Australia), English (India), Esperanto, Irish, Javanese, Mongolian, Montenegrin (Cyrillic, Latin), Nepali, Portuguese (Africa), Sundanese, Tajik, Tatar, Zulu
Layout support: Burmese, Southern Sotho, Turkmen, Urdu, Welsh, Xhosa
Support Android N
Bug fixes, including passwords with Talkback and missing key labels
Add recent emoji to suggestion strip

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