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Download The Beta Version Of Prisma App For Android

The awesome photo editing app that all the Android users around the world are waiting for is finally here. Yes! Your wait is finally over, Prisma App for Android is now officially available to download. It is not yet available to download via the Google play store since the app is still in it’s beta stage.

The Prisma photo editing app was primarily launched for the iPhone users, and it turned out to be an instant success. With millions of downloads in the Apple store, it became highly popular in a short period of time, something very few apps have accomplished till now. The app, however, was not released for the Android operating system and many Android users have been frantically searching for Official Prisma App in the Playstore, all in vain.

Since the success of the application, the developers have been trying hard to release it on the Google Playstore before it’s too late. Today they have started sending out the link to download Prisma app’s beta version to all those who have added their email to receive news from them. We were lucky to be the first few people to get it.

Even though the app is in it’s beta stage, we couldn’t find much bugs in the app until now. In order to lay your hands on this awesome app, go ahead to the official website of the Prisma App.

Scroll down and enter your Name and email to sign up to their official newsletter. Sooner or later, you shall receive a mail from them with a link to download the Prisma Beta App For Android. Go ahead and install that app named “Beta By Crashlytics”. Within the app, you will be able to download and install the beta application of Prisma.

Here is the link that let’s you download the prisma for android app beta version, in case you never received the mail from them.

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