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Report: Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Fails “Water-Resistant” Test

A leading gadgets product review site revealed that after undergoing an immersion testing, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active which was advertised as water-resistant actually failed the test. 

The phone was put in the tank that had about 1.5m of water. The device stopped working, and after half an hour, the display turned non-responsive with marred green colored lines. Even though the pieces of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active sold in the US are IP68 certified, the Samsung said, there might have been few defective devices which were not as “watertight” as it should have been as per the configuration.

On the contrary, the certification means the device can withstand continuous immersion in water and sustains enough to work as expected. Samsung allegedly said that there has been a very few complaints about the water-resistant issues, and those devices would be covered under warranty. Similar test, when carried out on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge also failed the test.

This questions the quality of the certification that applies to the Samsung devices which claims to be IP68 certified. Although, the IP rating of the devices is determined in the laboratory in the standby mode and the conditions are achieved. We will have to wait to know if this issue will affect the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active as soon as the Samsung releases its report on profitable quarter.

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