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Alternatives to cigarettes and flavored e-cigarettes for the long term

E-Cigarettes are mostly thought to be the alternative to smoking. But according to another study, it has been found out that flavored E-Cigarettes are no more a safe solution to opt for when it comes to alternatives for cigarettes. The recent study reveals that Cherry Flavored E-Cigarettes contain a chemical called Benzaldehyde, which is said to affect the user’s lungs. The amount of Benzaldehyde is maximum is the Cherry flavored cigarettes, but the other flavored ones also contain the chemical is amounts that causes quite a bit of harm.

What is the solution? Well, you cannot continue smoking and that is for sure. But now, you cannot even go for the flavored e-cigarettes considering the negative effects that it causes, as published in a recent study. Nicotine Patches might just work for you. There has always been the debate about the use of Nicotine Patches to provide our body with the amount of Nicotine that we want, instead of taking it through Cigarettes.

You can wear the Nicotine patches literally 24 hours of the day and nobody can even see. You can hold it off, during your day in office for approximately 9 hours and when you come back home, your urge for a smoke will get reduced to a certain extent. But the problem with Nicotine patches can be its cost in certain parts and its availability as well.

You can also try out Hookah, which is also known as Sheesha in some parts of the world. You can use any kind of base, to further purify the smoke that you take in. But Hookah is should be your last choice on the list.

Basically, instead of searching for the alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes, one should always try to quit smoking. Although it is not an easy job, but an effort takes nothing away.

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