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Amazon’s new Dash Button can be programmed to do anything

Amazon button or as we can call it Dash button is something that you have been waiting for. The $5 dash button has been around for a while. People initially were slightly confused about the use of the Dash button as how much help it would actually give us. People have been highly skeptical about the benefits that the increasing number of dash buttons would do for us. But the recent addition to the list is different and undoubtedly better.

The first generation Amazon button was designed to do certain tasks only. You could do that specific task as many number of time you wanted to. The new dash button on the other hand is something that you can control as well. You can program it to do the things that you want it to do. The structure is kind of same, but the memory of the button is blank.

Do not get confused about the memory of the dash button being blank. As it happens, the memory is blank for a reason. The memory is programmable and you can order the Amazon button to do anything. The dash button will be connected to logics stored up in Amazon Web Services, using with you can use it to do anything that you wish. You might be wondering what are the things that you can do with the IoT Amazon button.

Well, Amazon IoT has provided the potential users with a few examples where they can effectively use the new programmable dash button.  You can use it control NetFlix, switch your smark light bulbs on or off, order food and even integrate third party applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Well this is cool.

But all of this comes at a price. The previous generation dash buttons cost just $5. While this new generation smart dash button will cost $20 which 4 times the cost of the other ones. But with the options that it has, I suppose $20 will be worth it.

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