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Apple secretly building it’s own Virtual Reality Set

Rumors have it that Apple Inc. has a secret team of its own who is currently working on a Virtual Reality set. This is undoubtedly a move that would give Apple Inc. the claim in the market that they once had. But the point of concern should be the competitors that it will have in this field. Apple Inc. will be competing with the likes of Microsoft and Facebook and look to make a mark in this growing sector.

The report suggests that the secret team that Apple Inc. has assembled for the Virtual Reality headset consists of hundreds of skilled individuals. The number is not clear but the experts believe that Apple has taken care of it. The individuals working in the sector have been handpicked by the top officials of Apple Inc., which to a certain extent goes to show their intent. Some rumors include that a few of the employees have been carved out of other competitive companies, which makes things all the more interesting.

Reports also point to a few acquisitions by Apple Inc., which could actually help them to get to what they are looking for. They have acquired start ups like FlyBy Media, which worked with Google Inc. for 3D positioning for Project Tango. The firm has also hired the Virtual Reality expert, Doug Bowman. The addition is expected to help the Cupertino based firm to a great extent.

The experts believe that the company has decided to move into various other fields out of their general iPhone, iPad and Mac, owing to the constantly declining sales figures. It is also rumored that Apple is already testing out a few prototypes. We will have a clear idea about the happenings, once the things get to the next level. It will be interesting to see how other companies working in the field of Virtual Reality, like Samsung, HTC, etc., react it Apple Inc’s steps.

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