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Blood donations hindered in USA as China declares alert for Zika Virus outbreak

China has issued a warning regarding the spread of the Zika Virus with the onset of the summer months. The Chinese health authority issued this warning recently because of the increasing temperatures in the mosquito prone regions of the nation. The Chinese Health Authorities have also confirmed five cases of the Zika Virus on February 9th. The cases have not originated in China but have entered the land, which also questions health security of the nation from foreigners.

China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission’s spokesperson Xiong Huang stated in a press conference about the alert. There might just be a possibility of the spread of the Virus, which can lead to Zika Fever for individuals and severely affect pregnant woman and their babies. In fact, Zika Virus is blamed for the sudden increase in Microcephaly in babies. Microcephaly is a birth defect in babies that leads to various developmental issues. One of the primary Zika Virus Symptoms is a new born baby having a very small head.

Zika Virus Treatment is also in the prime focus, as the virus and the diseases associated with it. According to the reports, in 80% of the cases, there are no symptoms and the virus goes on doing its harm. World Health Organization has already declared the outbreak of Zika Virus as an international health emergency.

On the other hand, the outbreak has led to other issues in the United States. Considering the fact that the Zika Virus treatment is currently not possible, blood donations have already seen a drop of 2%. According to Tesia Lingenfelter of Inland North West Blood Center, “We haven’t been able to bulk up our supply enough to prepare us if a large emergency were to hit. We’re still very much struggling to get past that day to day need.” All the blood that has been taken in by the center has been tested for Zika Virus before adding it to the inventory.

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