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After 2017 Bugatti Chiron, the makers possibly in line with a 4 door Limousine

The 1500 horsepower 2017 Bugatti Chiron debuted last week after a humongous gap of 12 years. But as it seems, we might not have to wait for that long this time for the next ultra luxury cars from Bugatti.

According to the rumors, Bugatti is looking forward to a brand new four door limousine to be launched in the recent future. The rumors also have it that then French Ultra Luxury car maker is also I line to work on an electric vehicle. Although, there is no solid statement as of now to what these two car models are going to be or look like, but as per the statements made at the Geneva Motor Show, we might just be in line for something extravagant.

Wolfgang Duerheimer, head of Volkswagen AG stated, “I can’t get the idea for a four-door limousine out of my head. It’s one of the options we might look into again as a possible next project.” On asked about an electric vehicle, Duerheimer smartly stated that it is a prospect that they are not abandoning at this very point. For the enthusiasts, this is good news. If you can get an electric car with a 1500 horsepower, you ought to be excited.

What is interesting is that none of the other cars by the makers share the 16 Cylinder of 2017 Bugatti Chiron, making is exclusive in its class. Duerheimer believes that electrification of the Bugatti cars and especially the 2017 Bugatti Chiron, is probably the best way to push forward the 1500 horsepower of the vehicle.

The enthusiast have on the other hand, hatch the rumors that the four door limousine that the car maker is working on might just also turn up in an EV model. Duerheimer rubbished the idea of making an SUV, when asked about it at the Motor Show.

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