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CDC updates Zika Virus Guidance for Pregnant Woman

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made it official that the first case of sexually transmitted Zika Virus has been found in the United States of America. With respect to that, they have updated their Guide for Zika Virus for pregnant women. They have added that it is advisable that woman should not take any male sexual partner, who lives or has lived in a region affected by Zika virus. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has also stated that in case any man has even travelled for a few days, it would be advisable not to have any kind of sexual relation with him, for the time being.

The updated version of Zika Virus Guidance for Pregnant women states, “Until we know more, if your male sexual partner has traveled to or lives in an area with active Zika virus transmission, you should abstain from sex or use condoms the right way every time you have vaginal, anal, and oral sex for the duration of the pregnancy”

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden stated that, “There have been isolated cases of spread through blood transfusion or sexual contact and that’s not very surprising. The virus is in the blood for about a week. How long it would remain in the semen is something that needs to be studied and we’re working on that now.”

The CDC has said that they will keep on updating the guide, as and when they find more information in this regard. In addition, they have asked individuals to use condoms for sexual intercourse, so as to prevent sexually transmission of the disease. This is not the first time, when Zika Virus has been linked to sexual transmission. In the past, a man from the French Polynesia was tested positive for Zika Virus in his semen and urine samples.

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