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Climate Change, Global Warming resulting in sea level rise

Climate Change is one of most important and controversial topic that faces the humans today. There is no doubt of the fact sea level rise is on; and one of the primary responsible factors for the same is Global Warming. What is frightening is the belief that is setting down for climate change amidst most of the experts. With the increase in Global Warming, it is high time that man took care of his actions.

Scientists and experts, who have been studying the Climate change on Earth for some time now, are beginning to believe that we cannot control Global Warming now. According to the reports, individuals believe that Global Warming has reached the tripping point, from where it will only rise. No actions taken by the humans will be able to recover what we have already lost. It is possibly just a matter of time, when the planet Earth will become a planet that is uninhabitable.

The increase in Global Warming has already resulted in immense sea level rise. In fact the sea level is rising faster that it has done ever in the past possibly. Most of this is due to the global warming, which is resulting in melting of the ice caps. Some experts believe that in due time, the tidal floods will also increase along the coastal states. This will result in a massive movement of people inwards or to the high lands.

On the other hand, we can be lest assured that out technology currently is not adept enough to make a complete switch to renewable energy. Thus, our dependency on the fossil fuel will continue to take its toll on the Earth. Climate Change is something that we certainly cannot look after. What we can do is handle our actions. Considering the global energy demands that we have, experts believe neither climate change nor global warming will come to a stop.

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