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Donald Trump visits Liberty University; promises to protect Christianity

Donald Trump, the presidential candidate from the Republican Party spoke to the crowd at Liberty University on Monday. Trump started of saying that they were going to protect Christianity. He also spoke about Martin Luther King in his initial statements. Although, Trump was at the university in the event of convocation of the grad students, he used the stage well to get through his stand in the presidential run out to the students.

He also stated that the people will have to get themselves together and stay unified. The larger vision needs the people of the United States of America to stay together. He also ensured that he talked about Liberty University in this regard, stating that Liberty University was a great example of Unity. He also asserted that although he was not at all politically correct, he knows what is needed.

In his speech he also mentioned that unlike the other candidates, he is self funded and thus possibly hinting towards the other candidates using the people’s money. Keeping aside such statements, let us focus on what Trump is focusing on. He made it very clear that his main focus is on immigration issues and defense. Considering his words, he believes that building a wall all along the United States of America and Mexican border is not at all an impossible thing to do.

The convocation was open for public viewing and many prominent news channels in the United States aired it live. The Republican Presidential Candidates Donald Trump is not the only one to visit the Liberty University in the recent times. Other candidates have also visited the university, including Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Bernie Sanders, etc.

Trump’s conclusion to the speech came out with the words,

“We’re gonna win and we’re gonna win a lot.”
Donald Trump also visited the Liberty University in the 2012 for the convocation of the grad students back then.

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