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Doom Multiplayer all set for closed beta testing from March 31

The first look of Doom is way more realistic and awful that anyone actually thought it would be. The first look gives us a clear indication to what we can expect from it, when its closed multiplayer beta starts on March 31. According to the statement made by the developers Id Software stated that they have closed their time frame beta testing for Doom and it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for PC for the purpose in between March 31 to April. The game will be available for testing to only a few individuals.

The people who bought Wolfenstein: The New Order and had redeemed the beta code that was available with it will be able to test out the multiplayer mode of Doom. With over 10 million copies already sold of the previous versions, this news of the new one has already created ripples amongst the gaming fraternity.

The first person shooting game was first released in the year 1993 and since then the game has been considered to be the stand points for first person shooting games. The last edition of Doom was released in the year 2003. The next version, which can also be stated as Doom 4 is set to be duly launched on May 14 and it seem that the developers are looking to make a hands on test for any bugs that exists. This will also aid the promotions of Doom amidst the followers.

The official trailer of the new Doom has already caused a lot of talks amongst the fans and with the closed beta testing in progress, we might as well get a clear idea about what is on offer after April 3.

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