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Drinking large quantities of water can reduce Obesity in kids

If your kid can drink water during his school, the chance of him isn’t suffering of obesity is very high. A recent study suggests that kids, who drink a lot of after during the school time, do not generally develop a habit of taking in soda excessively, which in turn results in low obesity. The research has been published by the Journal of American Medical Association Pediatrics. They have also pointed towards a step that can be taken to provide kids with more water during the school hours. A hydrated body will not require soda to keep the thirst away leading to less consumption.

The lead of the research, associate professor of population, health and health policy, Brian Elbel of the NYU Langone Medical Center believes that hydration is possibly the best solution to reduce excessive soda consumption in kids. The research has referred to installing water dispensers at various points around the school. This will allow the kids to quench their thirst at any point of time without having to go for soda cans.

The data of the research come from approximately 1200 schools spread all across the New York City. More than one million kids were taken into consideration and the ages ranged from 3 years to 14 years.

In the year 2007, many cafeterias were installed with water jets to provide the kids with ample supply of water. The step was taken to check whether intake of water instead of sweetened beverages had any effect on the health, height or weight of all the kids in the schools.

The study was a detailed one and also led to another assumption. It was seen that children who drank a lot of water, were also less inclined towards fast food. The thought is that the heavy stomach made did not make them feel hungry often.

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