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Forecast: Worst storm in the past; heavy snowfall and gusty winds all over

The forecast suggests the worst storm is set to hit the eastern coast of the United States any time soon. According to the reports, the prospects of heavy winds and snowfall are expected around the time of 7 A.M. The wind gusts are expected to be around an average speed of 30 miles per hour. The snow fall on the other hand is expected to reach over one foot on the land. The South Eastern parts of the United States will also feel the impact but the good thing is that it will be on a much smaller scale.

The report suggested that since dawn the people should be expecting the storm coupled with heavy snowfall and wind. The individuals must stay inside and try to keep themselves warm during the phase. The experts believe that it is going to be a very difficult period for the residents of Washington and many other cities along the eastern coast.

According to the latest reports in hand as of 11 PM, various places have already started feeling the wind. The Reagan National Airport has received moderate amount of snowfall. Some of the areas have also received some amount of rain coupled with light snowfall.

The weather department has strictly asked the individuals to stay inside. Traveling has been strictly condemned as the visibility index is way too low for safe travel. This is expected to be a very long affair, lasting approximately about 30 hours to 36 hours. Wind gusts are expected to go high up to around 40 miles per hour. Around the bay area, it is expected to be even windier, with winds blowing at a speed of approximately 50 miles per hour. Even power outages are expected at various locations.

Individuals at heavily affected area should look forward to store as much supplies as they can. Snow accumulation is expected to be around 20 inches to 30 inches.

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