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Individuals with high BMI and Obesity tend to suffer from episodic memory loss

People suffering from Obesity also suffer from greater memory loss compared to the normal weight individuals. A recent study shows that memory loss is more evident in obese individuals. In fact the study, points to a situation of episodic memory loss where the obese individuals find it difficult to remember instances or occurrences from their past. The test was conducted to a small group of 50 individuals, who actually found remembering quite a few instances of their loves slightly difficult.

According to the study at times forgetting that you have done something, might just lead you to do that same thing over and over again. Tests have been done on rats in this regard as well and the tests are clearly indicative of memory loss. The rats who were getting fatter failed the memory tests more often than not.

What is more interesting in case of humans is the fact that, just like the rats the humans also tend to forget the simplest of things. Just for an example, an obese would forget that he had just eaten a pie approximately 30 minutes ago and would eat another one. This has been labeled as episodic memory loss and is one of the primary contributors to excessive eating in case of obese individuals.

Dr. Lucy Cheke of the University of Cambridge stated, “The suggestion we’re making is that a higher BMI is having some reduction on the vividness of memory, but they’re not drawing blanks and having amnesia. But if they have a less strong memory of a recent meal, with a less strong impact in the mind, then they may have less ability to regulate how much they eat later on.”

The participants of the test were individuals with a BMI ranging from 18 i.e. normal weighted individuals to 51, i.e. obese individuals. The group was asked to play a game, where in they had to hide something and then find it out themselves. As it turns out, the scores of the obese individuals was approximately 15% less than that of normal individuals.

The study also states that the individuals with higher BMI also found it difficult to come up to the tasks at first. But once they got settled in the act, the performance got better. The study makes a clear suggestion stating that BMI at certain levels is what that affects memory loss and in this case causing episodic memory loss amidst obese individuals.

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