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iPhone sale figures slump; is iPhone 7 in line?

What kind of expectations do you have from the iPhone with the slump in iPhone sale figures? Will it be a step ahead of what we have now, or will it be something that we have already seen the past few models. Well, to be true, I do not expect a lot from the next iPhone. There might just be a few structural changes like a better flash maybe, or more internal memory, etc. But I do not see the scope of any substantial change that is going to change the entire mind frame about the device. According to the recently released reports, Apple Inc. has seen a considerable iPhone sale figures slump  for the quarter. Now the question is why so? If you ask me or for that matter iPhone user, he would say that the best thing that comes with any Apple device is the operating system. To be true, iOS is certainly the ‘thing’ that has made quite a few buyers stick to Apple devices.

If you really want to see a boom in the iPhone sale figures or for that matter any Apple devices like  iPad, Apple Watch, etc, people would certainly recommend a outstanding change over for iOS. What I find annoying is the bugs that come out every time a new version of iOS is released. And after that you set down to cure the bugs and go on releasing new builds, which the users have to download to remove the bugs from their own devices. Don’t you think that releasing a build is quite a bad user experience, especially with such costly data charges?

Let us just take a look at the changes that iPhone has seen in its last three models. iPhone 5 was slightly bigger that iPhone 4. With iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner was introduced. It also saw the introduction of the redesigned iOS 7. With iPhone 6, things got larger again with features like improved display, better front camera, 3D touch for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Most importantly iOS 9, which was to a certain extent filled with bugs.

Possibly the most saddening area is the internal memory that an iPhone comes with. It is really a high time when iPhone stops the 16 GB variant as it cannot hold all my data. Most of the high end smartphone have moved on to 32GB base variant, which in turn provides enough space for the users. It is also high time that Apple takes a dig into iOS and prepares the next version in an immaculate manner. They should take a note from Google, who get through pretty smoothly when it comes to transition from one version of Android to the other. In the recent past, many smartphone have released their builds for upgrading from Android Lollipop to Android Marshmallow. I believe that in case, we do not find remarkable improvements in the next iPhone, Apple Inc. might just see the sale slumping down further.

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