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Micro blogging site Twitter stayed down for one hour on Tuesday

Twitter went down on Tuesday, stopping millions of its users for availing its services. The message read, “Something is technically wrong”. The social networking site or should I say, the micro blogging site went down in several countries at the same time. This is the worst technical issues that the social networking site has faced in its history of 10 years.

A spokesperson for twitter officially accepted that the site was down and they were looking forward to solve the issues as soon as possible. In a statement it was said, “Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution”. The main reason of the failure was carefully avoided, which in turn also avoided the user outrage.

The spokesperson for the social networking site said that individuals from countries like South Africa, Philippines, Brazil, Nigeria, Uganda, etc. were unable to use the services of the social networking site. To be true, it seemed like a certain bulk of the social media has been blocked out.

The shutdown of Twitter lasted for approximately one hour, which on the other hand, saw the rise of the hashtag #twitterdown on Facebook. Facebook was filled with status updates reporting about Twitter being down. The one hour shutdown of the micro blogging site also saw various memes coming up about the social media site.

This is not the first time that twitter has suffered from a shutdown, but none of the previous ones lasted for an hour. A sarcastic comment by British TV Channel E4 about twitter suffering from a shutdown read,

“Twitter is down. Worker productivity hits record levels. UK is out of recession!!!”.

Twitter’s closest rivals, Facebook and Instagram have also suffered from brief shutdowns in the recent past, but none have been as long as this instance. Twitter has been suffering from various technical issues since 2006.

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