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Microsoft’s new Mimicker Alarm will surely wake you up from sleep

Microsoft’s new Mimicker alarm will not let you sleep for long, even if you want to. If you are a heavy sleeper and you need to get up early some day, then all you need is this new Mimicker alarm by Microsoft. The current alarm works for some individuals, but for people like me, who are real heavy sleepers, this get difficult. If you ask me, my daily routine is to hit the snooze button at least 5 times before actually waking up. I believe it is the same for many individuals.

The new alarm application by Microsoft has been designed with a very different approach. When it comes to alarms, the general idea is to keep playing a track that we select after certain gaps to wake us up. But things are different with Microsoft’s Mimicker. The Mimicker application will actually wake you up and make you do things in order to switch it off.

In order to switch off your mimicker alarm, you might just be needed to take a selfie, blurt out a phrase or even make actions and faces. Once you successfully d it, the alarm will automatically shut down. This is not just it. The app will also allow you to share your results with your friends and see who beat you or you were better than whom?

This can be the ultimate alarm that you need, but there is a catch. How many of you guys thing that this is possibly the best way to start your day. You might just be doing the most silliest of things first up in the morning.

Although one thing is for sure that you will certainly wake up and will not be late for office. And yes, I forgot to mention that the application is available for Android also as a part of Microsoft’s application development program for Microsoft.

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