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NASA to provide live video feed of the Total Solar Eclipse on March 8

NASA will be providing a live telecast of the only total solar eclipse of the year 2016. The live feed will be provided to various parts of Southeast Asia. The live video feed will be provided by NASA in collaboration with the Exploratorium Science Center of San Francisco. The live feed will be shown on March 8 in various parts of South East Asia. Total Solar Eclipse is one of the rarest celestial occurrences involving the Sun and the Moon and overall the event is a treat to the eye.

Total Solar eclipse is an exclusive event where in the moon completely covers the path of the Sun. As a result of it, the sun looks like a black mass and only the outer atmosphere of the Sun is visible. The Corona as it is commonly referred is one of the most extravagant sightings to the human. It looks like a ring of fire.

Indonesia is expected to experience a period of 3.5 minutes, where in the sun will go completely dark at about 0100 hours GMT. The Asian countries will have the Total Solar Eclipse on March 9, while the United States and other parts of America will experience it on March 8, due to the International Date Line.

The live telecast of the Total Solar Eclipse will start on March 8 at 8 PM local time. The Total Solar Eclipse is will be due to take place in at about 8:38 PM to 8:42 PM. NASA will be sending out a crew by a plane and a boat to provide the viewers with a live feed using a high power telescope.

Total Solar Eclipse of 1860 provided the modern day scientists a lot of insights about the Sun and the extravagant outer atmosphere that it has. Absolute Corona is a rare sight till date.

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