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NASA releases an astonishing video of the Total Solar Eclipse

We saw the only Total Solar Eclipse of the year on March 8. The spectacular event was shown live was NASA. There is no doubt about the fact that it was one spectacular sight for the eyes. Now, NASA has come up with another video that clearly takes the event to an all new level.

NASA provided a live video feed to various parts of the world in collaboration with the Exploratorium Science Center of San Francisco. The live feed was shown on March 8 in various parts of South East Asia as the other side of the Atlantic, felt the eclipse on March 9. If you missed it, here is what it was like.

The video that recently came up does not show you the sun or the moon, but the dark shadow that it has on Earth’s Surface when the event took place. You can literally get to see the how the place looks from the outer space when the people down there were actually experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse.

In the video you can see a dark shadow looking over the earth’s surface, which is actually the shadow of the moon during the Total Solar Eclipse. The photos in the video were shot from a distance of approximately 1.6 million kilometers as it shows the shadow of the moon swiftly moving across from the Indian Ocean to Indonesia and finally to Australia and the Oceania Islands.

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