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New FileMaker has loads of features that you will like

FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple Inc. has released a new update that will allow the developers to work with the advanced features of iOS. FileMaker is an interface that allows the app developers to work on line of business based application for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows PC. The latest release will allow the users to work with features like Touch ID and 3D Touch, iBeacon, etc. It will also allow the developers to use Apple’s app based extensions as well.

The latest release of FileMaker includes a lot of software side updates and quite a few added features. A few of the prominent ones include SSL certifications which are expected to improve the security measures, integration of PostgresSQL and IBM’s DB2 databases. The IBM DB2 databases are available only for the Pro and Server versions of FileMaker. There are a few added control features as well that would allow the developers to access their applications using a web browser. Something that had really missed in the previous versions have been added allowing the users work with mobile phones.

On one hand where FileMaker has added plenty of features, they have also eased out the pricing for the three versions of FileMaker. FileMaker Pro can be bought for $108 per year while the Pro advanced version comes at $180 per year. The server version of FileMaker will cost you something around $348. They have also introduced an interesting pricing plan for teams. A group of 5 users can access File Maker Server, Pro and Go along with WebDirect for just $888 per year. WebDirect is an addition as it cannot be used without FileMaker Server.

According to Andy LeCates, the main aim behind the latest release of FileMaker is to keep things simple for the developers and thus allowing various groups to build their own custom applications.

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