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New Opera Browser comes with a built in ad blocker

Opera Browser is back in news as the latest version of web browser comes with a built ad blocker. This makes Opera the first browser to have incorporated an ad blocker in its main frame. The built in ad blocker is expected to encourage the users to turn to the web browser for a much simpler and faster internet browsing experience.

The built in ad blocker is one of the prime features that possibly puts Opera one step ahead of the major market players like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. All the major market players have specific ad blockers that can be installed as plugins by the users in case they want to block the advertisements aimed for then at the websites. Opera v37.0.2162.0 provides this feature without any plugin, which means one less weight added to the browsing experience. The web browser is still in its developers build for Mac and Windows.

What is more interesting about the new Opera browser is that it can cut down the page load time of any average website by approximately 90%! According to a statement by Krystian Kolondra, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Opera, believes that the current online advertisement model that we have damages out internet experience to a great extent. “Our goal is to provide the fastest and the smoothest online experience for our users, while working on that we have discovered that a lot more time is spent on handling ads and trackers than we thought earlier.”, he added.

The new browser also lets you know the number of advertisements that it has blocked on the website that you are viewing. Opera currently holds less than 2 percent of the market share and this venture might just prove to be an attack on Google’s current online advertisement model.

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