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Pokemon GO accounts on sale; restaurants charging extra for using Poke Stops

Pokemon GO is not even a month old. Pokemon GO has already given Nintendo a lot to look forward to. Pokemon GO has already made Nintendo Stock prices to rise by more than 50%. The surge has not only taken the world by surprise, but the makers as well. The game has developed a following that is seriously unlike others. This could possibly because of the fact that Pokemon is still afresh in the minds of the kinds from the 90’s, who now have grown up to early 20’s.

Apart from all of the interesting things that you have already done with Pokemon GO, it has already opened up a sphere of business that no one would have imagined. Well, it is true. Since Pokemon GO is not available in all the countries, people have travelled to places to get them. The android users have already downloaded the leaked APK of Pokemon GO but that does not have all the features or the best of the Pokemons. So now, we have POkemon GO accounts for Sale.

The reports suggest that many individuals are trying to sell their Pokemon GO accounts at high prices to the ones who want it. Individuals who got their hands on the game first have already build a solid base on multiple accounts. Just imagine, you have 10 Gmail accounts, thus you can make 10 Pokemon GO accounts. Many such threads have already been listed on various websites.

In fact businesses all over the world have started charging customers on an hourly basis to use the Poke Stop that their business holds. Some restaurant was charging its customers an extra $1.19 per hour as it was a Poke Stop. Well, although this cannot be termed as violation of the game, but certainly things are not right with the people. It seems true that Pokemon GO can take you places.

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