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Rumors suggests Snapchat working on Virtual Reality and Smart Eyegear or both combined

Snapchat might just be working on some kind of a wearable. According to the rumors, the social messaging platform, has been hiring a few individuals who have a work experience in this regard. In fact, the recent job postings that Snapchat has posted, it looks like they want a few talented en for purpose. Amidst the recent hiring by the social messaging platform, the individuals come from varied backgrounds like Consumer hardware, electrical engineering, Virtual Reality Space and all of this clearly points out to something cooking for Snapchat.

On Friday, Sean Hollister of CNET published a report that was extracted after going through the Linked In profiles of all the current Snapchat employees. The highlighting factor is that the Snapchat team currently has about a dozen employees who have a healthy experience on wearable technology. The list also includes individuals who have worked as industry designers for companies like Nokia and Logitech.

The report also indicates to rumor that came up way back in 2014, when it was speculated that Snapchat is working on something referred to as Snapglasses. Back then, the social messaging platform had just acquired a Google Glass like start up named Vergence Labs.

Snapchat has also hired an eyewear designer in the recent times, Lauryn Morris, which also adds a great deal to the rumors. With the current scenario, it would be a great combination of virtual reality coupled with stylish eye gear.

It might also be possible that company is working to two separate projects. One based on Virtual Reality and the other one based on smart eyegear. In any case, if this turns out to be true, the social messaging platform might just provide a healthy competition of tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft, Google as well as to the social networking giant Facebook, who is also working on virtual reality.

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