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Rumors: Xiaomi MI 5 might have an identical Windows 10 variant

Xiaomi MI 5 has been in news all over the world owing to the rumors of its next flagship smartphone is set to be unveiled soon. Some of the recent rumors suggest that Xiaomi is preparing for another device to be unveiled alongside MI 5. What comes as a shock is that the rumored device is going to be a Windows 10 based device. Rumors also have it that Xiaomi is gearing up to launch the two devices in an event in China, which will be held alongside this year’s MWC. Possibility is that MI 5 will have a Windows 10 variant, adding another feather to the much talked about smartphone brand.

Although, this might just come as a shock to a few individuals, but this is not going to be the first time that Xiaomi and Microsoft will make a tie up. Both the companies signed up an agreement last year, adhering to which a Technical Preview of Windows 10 was released on MI 4. The MI Pad 64 GB model also comes with Widows 10 OS, which is more of a desktop OS than the mobile version of Windows.

The rumors about the Xiaomi MI 5 Windows 10 variant make things all the more interesting. Even, the specification that Xiaomi MI 5 is supposed to have is still under question. The only thing that is confirmed is the processor that will power the Xiaomi Flagship device.

MI 5 is will be a having Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Chipset and will have dual SIM provision with NFC. It is also expected to have a 1080 pixel QHD display. Xiaomi MI 5 is also expected to come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If this turns out to be correct, it can also be expected that the Xiaomi MI 5 Windows 10 variant will also have the same specifications. With the MWC nearing, a lot of individuals will keep a close look on the proceedings.

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